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The Land of Miracles
Film The Land of Miracles
Shen Lan Qi Yu Wu Shuang Zhu (2022)
Status: Episode 3 Vietsub HD
Next Episode: Episode 4 + 5 Vietsub HD
Publish Date: 23 July, 2022
Last Updated Date: 24 July, 2022 02:09:21
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Embrace the most awkward and funniest pair of characters in all of Tang Jia San Shao's novels! It is said to be aired in 2022 by iQIYI. Fa Hua, from Wisdom City, is the adopted son of the highest elder of the Kingdom of Order in Legal Domain. He is a Law Codex Enforcer, who later became the God Envoy of Wisdom. Lan Ge, from Thunder City, is the son of the king of the Kingdom of Liberty. He is a Four-Elemental Manipulator and called the "most blessed freeman" in Blue Sea Domain; for he controls the elements: Fire, Water and Wind aside from his natal element, Thunder. Both of them are chosen by Ancestors Fa Chu of Legal Domain and Tian Xing of Blue Sea Domain to be Masters of the Wushuang twin god orbs and protectors of the human races of the three domains.

The Land of Miracles
Shen Lan Qi Yu Wu Shuang Zhu